So Who are Tchoklat Wheatens?

Welcome to the home page of Tchoklat Wheatens, breeders of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers of the Irish type in AustraliaWe acquired our first wheaten in 2001, though when we were alerted to the major health issues behind the pedigree of this dog we desexed her, vowing to look elsewhere for healthy breeding lines. Our current wheatens are wonderful dogs, pure bred, with a known healthy ancestry. We recommend Wheatens to anyone wanting a loyal companion for up to fourteen plus years! 

Australia, like the US, has been plagued with health issues in the breed. Wheatens in Australia have been born affected with protein losing diseases. Others with Renal Dysplasia. These diseases only appear to affect wheatens of the American type. We have imported breeding stock of the Irish type to remediate the risk of these genetically transmitted diseases that are present in other lines in Australia. The dogs we have imported include:

1.    "Aust Ch Aimee Aira Happy Wheaten" from the Czech Republic

2.    "Aust Ch Ellora Gillians Gold" from England 

3.    "NZ Ch Honeyrags Gearoid" from Sweden 

4.    "Traligill Prionnsa Pisceach" from New Zealand 

5.    "Ch Am CH Rolfelan I'll Tell Me Ma (Imp USA) 

Note semen for a.i. is available from Ragamuffin, Riley and (2 and 4 above).

We have also acquired "Ch Larnook Voodoo Magic" from M O'Kelly to complement our own lines; Our planned breeding program uses only the 'best of the best' from healthy Irish and International Champions from around the world to improve the quality, type, and more importantly health, of this wonderful breed in Australia. We do not outcross to these healthy lines using questionable dogs. Both parents of each mating are clear of hereditable health issues.

Our breeding stock are tested for PLN as recommended by Dr Meryl Littman and to date all tested are reported as Homozygous Negative, or normal. We also scan for Renal Dysplasia and hips.

If you have an interest in owning an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, or just want some questions answered please contact us. We respond to all inquiries and may be able to provide puppies to interested and suitable people if required. We have the occasional litter as our focus is on health and quality not quantity! 

What Have We Done?

Our first Wheatens were bred from dogs imported by other breeders into Australia in the eighties from the US and Sweden. These dogs, and dogs related to them, should not be bred, according to advice from the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America and Dr Littman of the University of Pennsylvania, a renowned veterinary researcher funded by the American Wheaten Club. We have heeded this advice and only own, breed and recommend wheatens of the Irish type. The dogs that we breed from not related to affected dogs, again to remediate the risk of genetically transmitted disease. Tina and I have were also instrumental in starting the current Wheaten breed club in NSW.

What do you do now?

Please look through our site (via the navigation bars on the upper right) and see some of the dogs we have bred and owned, contact us if you want to talk further. After your research, we are confident that you will either return to Tchoklat Wheatens! Email us if you wish to be referred to other responsible breeders - we will be happy to refer you on if we do not have a pup for you.